Key Focus Areas

We believe that potential for positive continental change exists at the intersection of Finance, Economy and Compliance in Africa. Progress will come through bringing together leaders from all “walks of life” to forge common understanding, purpose.


This entails the organised mobilisation of capital into strategic economic growth industries which will enable African institutions and their societies to master the impact of disruptive technology and solve generational problems.


This entails addressing common economic problems through solutions that include the development of public-private partnerships by drawing and mastering the strengths and competences from both private and public institutions. We believe in improving & promoting employability to create a diverse economic structure.


The African business environment is known to have adequate policies and legal frameworks in place which are just not being adhered to and without any consequence. Identifying and mitigating the risk of non-compliance is key to realising the goals of policies and legal frameworks. The framework model is to promote ABC Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Africa Local Content Focus Initiative

Africa Local Content Focus Initiative

Africa Local Content Focus Initiative is prepared for the industrialisation phases of operations.
We understand the need to extend the local content agenda in promoting build, engineering, education, and manufacturing in each host country. The below are financial solution funds incorporated to support the architecture of financing.


The primary fund to address and explore local entities capable to meet the needs of Angolan companies in the Oil and Extractives sector.


Human Capital Needs incubator Fund A fund to create an incubator that motivates the development of human capital through education and financing, with a strong focus on the agriculture sector


Fund of Africa Finance Economic and Compliance A fund that seeks to leverage successful privatizations in Angola by bringing together credible entities / individuals


Extractives Industry Fund A fund to develop the Mining & Energy value chain in Angola by empowering and financing local and regional companies in participating in added value activities


African Women Family Fund. A fund that seeks to obtain the necessary resources for the empowerment of women


Sustainable Benefits for Pension Fund A fund to create a contribution system that benefits pension fund contributors through microcredit and discount models