The African Local Content Focus Initiative is a company founded with deep-rooted African development principles. Our conglomerate of business leaders aims to ensure that the African continent is globally acknowledged by meeting international business demands in terms of compliance and marketability.

“We are here to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and accessibility to financing”

Our business ethos is to support small and medium enterprises in Africa to facilitate business needs and accelerate trade progression. This will be conducted by providing financing solutions to entrepreneurs, via an online application that is secure and user friendly.


African Local Content Initiative-Participation Model

The potential growth of local content participation pertaining to the extractives industry will enhance the accessibility to continental funding. We at the African local content initiative will boost local economic and manpower growth.

  • The initiative is to steer and promote utilization of locally manufactured goods and services in the African Extractives industry (Mining & Oil & Energy Industry)
  • Provide solutions to the existing financing and funding challenges; to initiate growth and local content development
  • Enhancement of local manpower & job creation in the extractives industry
  • To increase indigenous participation in the extractive industry, building local capacity and competencies.
  • To facilitate the growth of community based companies in the extractives industry, to initiate economic growth expertise both technical and commercial